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Forever Silent

Unknown well of feelings shall remain just so.

Not a word shall be spoken aloud for fear it will turn to dust what’s building.

Does he sense it, does he know?

I should make haste inside to let this go…

More of my life spent seeking the one who I first saw, a millennia ago.

Does he see me or is he blind, to our tie bound in the hands time.

I sit and wonder, day dream and wish.

Forever silent I hold you in my heart til the day we will truly meet and never part…

To all there is, all there was, and all there will be.

Let this be so we may be freed.

The Oracle…

The star Faerie to remind me of my connectedness to all things, we all have a little faerie dust in us…

The Question to tell me that all things are answered but first to look inside…

The Speaker of Truth I have met is there to say all things true whether it is what we desire or not…

The Blessing tells all things have a beginning and all things shall begin with a blessing…

The Lord of the Forest tells me to take needed action balance must be found between the masculine and feminine…

The Lady of the Forest with her dream he creates the world seen change evolution and flow….

Short version pardon for using this as a record, but much easier to have always access when one needs reminding..

Poem for the Morrigan

She is blood and battle and death

The blade that cleaved flesh from bone

That cuts the old from the new

That reshapes, remakes, redefines us

Blood is not to be feared; it is the current of life

Battle is not to be feared; it is the price of sovereignty

Death is not to be feared; it is the end of the old….

And a new beginning, endlessly

-Unknown who the original author is, still felt the need to post. As I will anything that stirs the embers within me.

Something has started…

Whispers in time long forgot.

You have awakened, one long away.

I see you…

A soul I know, from many a life ago.

Time spent searching,

Without conscious knowledge looking.

Energy snapped like the bloom of creation, something new now has its own momentum…

On the morrow to see you once more.

A now beating heart was cold, and alone on its icy shore.

To remain quiet and follow my winding path, no more to circle back.

I wait,

for you to see me too.

In this night…

The cool night air catches my silken robes in its teasing breeze, as I walk through this moonless night. The sky like a smooth navy velvet, studded with its shining, beautiful, fortelling forms.

When the moon again is so new, and dark. I light my fire and revel in the in the spiraling embers…

Tonight the mist hangs low swirling gently, here I light my candle and cast my stones.

The woods and their song, all I feel and hear. The creatures of night move about most hiding from view. Save the stag who follows my winding path. The night free of human heart beats, is when I feel the most relief.

Free from thoughts to hear, no feelings to sense, no reason to wear my guarded mask… no walls to be kept up to keep them out… sweet relief.

The darkness sometimes seem to cut me like a knife as loneliness seeps into my soul. Tonight the darkness gives me reprieve helps me find my peace, and in these woods makes me whole…